The Enabling Support Foundation

The site is in transit but you can still register and be accepted.  In the meantime here is a bit of background.

The Enabling Support Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit in the area of human development and enrichment.  ESF has created Peace Flame network of collaborating organizations that support Human Development and Enrichment.  The ESF strategy is: Find them and we will build it together. The rest will come.  ESF exists only in the Cloud, based in New York City.  Our strategy is to find existing and productive social good organizations and use online communication to teach them new skills and suggest alternatives to the status quo.  These leads to the primary initiative:  Bring Education into the 21st Century.  Select the Education menu tab to learn about Education 21.

Education is not the only program in which ESF is active.  We have a mission to maximize the potential of everyone. ESF was founded with two missions to support persons with disabilities and school children.  We are ready to work with organizations in any area of human development and enrichment.  We have interests in .g. STEM, culture, health, agriculture. We are looking for skill-based volunteers and your skills may help us develop, and you are welcome to build with us. Every volunteer will get an account on the Microsoft Office 365 ESF network.