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The Enabling Support Foundation`

The Enabling Support Foundation has its roots in the 1980's, at the dawn of telecomputing, when the Pioneers were persons with disabilities and K-12 Education.  Today ESF has expanded those roots into the 21st Century and provides online services in support of human development and enrichment.   ESF exists totally in the Cloud and online guidance allows those organization to expand into the 21st Century.  

The About tab will lead to information on the history, staff, philosophy of ESF.

The most important tool is the Education Program of ESF.  With three simple and inexpensive changes, all of Education will reflect the Century in which we live.  The Education tab leads to information about those three simple changes and how Education Special Forces provides professional development in the use of the 21st Century skills.

Peace Flame is a network of grassroots NGOs concerned with Human Nurturance and Development.  The Archive of Social Good is a registry of organization involved in that area.  Special Purpose Groups are a network of organizations that are collaborating in a particular area, such as Health, Orphans, and Soccer.  The Peace Flame tab leads to the dynamic and expanding network of Human Nurturance and Development.


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