Education for the 21st Century

The first mention of Education 21 was based on a paper written in 1990 by Bob Zenhausern.  This was before the World Wide Web was invented and Windows was not in common use.  It is amazing how little has changed for the future of Education.  You can read about it here

 Education 21 evolved as the technology evolved, but the basics have remained the same.  It is only the tools that have changed.  The next version of Education 21 emerged as ESF collaborated with grassroots orgnization in Kenya and Uganda. Read it here here.

In May 2017 the first Education 21 conference was held in Miridans Nursery School near Kampala.  By November we evaluated the effectiveness of Early Reading.  The later description of Education 21 is in the form of Questions and Answer from a proposal.  You can read here

In May 2018 the latest version of Education 21 is outlined in a pending proposal.  It is a summary of Education 21 and the story of the growth of Early Reading in one year.  You can read it here.