Philosophy and Mission of the Enabling Support Foundation

Sunset at sea

The Enabling Support Foundation has two Missions.  To maximize the potential of the individual and to meld those individuals into a productive group.

Maximize the potential of everyone.  This Mission emerged during the early years of computer networking, pioneered by persons with disability and K-12 education.  We learned to maximize potential using telecomputing.  It was a grassroots movement, limited to chat, email, and file transfer.  But we showed how a voice synthesizer allowed the blind to use the computer.  Persons with disabilities said it leveled the playing field.  K-12 students were emailing internationally and cared if they spelled correctly,  Students followed a race around the world by 10 steel hulled sailing ships by email.  A treasure trove of opportunities for any teacher.  The children would learn as they explore the life and sights from the ships.  It is on the job learning. 

We do not teach everyone the "right way" of doing something, but help them find the best way for them to do that something. 
It is sometimes necessary to fix what is broken.  And times when it better to find what works and build on that.  That is the way we maximize the potential of everyone.

Our second mission flows from the First Law of Computer Networking:
If something can go right it will.  ESF found a corollary.  Find them and we will build it together and then the rest will come.  ESF encourages collaboration whether it be for compensation for weaknesses or combing strength.

That is the way of maximizing the potential of organizations.









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