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The oldest of the ESF collaborators (the first three) met in the mid 1980s when K-12 education led education foward into the 21st Century. The fourth member Anne Pemberton is in the Cloud now, but her Educational Synthesis website is still available. It is a cornacopia of links and original material for all elementary school. Right now the website is in maintenance mode and we are looking for anyone interested in developing it.

Bob Zenhausern (President and CEO) has been involved in online learning since the early 1980s , is a specialist in reading disability, research, and data analysis.

Sheila Rosenberg (Vice President) is a school psychologist and a pioneer who brought her special needs students online in 1990.

Ann Parsons (Secretary) was online before 1990 as a specialist in disability. Ann has been blind since birth and is an expert on blind accommodation.

Patricia Porter (Treasurer) has spent  lifetime working with different learners.  She now works with families that need advice and information on ways to help children succeed in school.   


Uganda Division


Rebecca Ebou (Chief Information Officer) has a Bachelors degree in Business computing from Makerere University business school, Uganda.

Andrew Mugabi (Chief Operating Officer)  has a postgraduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation, bachelor’s degree in community psychology and diploma in social work 

Fidel Mumbere (Chief Technology Officer) has a Bachelors of Science degree in Software Engineering from Makerere University's College of Computing and Information Sciences, Kampala-Uganda.

Jostas Mwebembezi (Director of Health and Education) got his first Degree in Statistics from Makerere University Uganda and attained several short trainings in Public Health.

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