Enabling Support Foundation

The Enabling Support Foundation is a 501c(3) organization with a Guideline to maximize the potential of everyone.  ESF exists only in the Cloud, accessed by a desktop in New York City.  Our strategy is to find productive social good organizations.  We use online communication to teach them new skills and suggest alternatives to the status quo.

The roots of the Enabling Support Foundation can be found in the 1980s when the pioneers of computer networking were persons with disabilities and teachers of K-12 education.  It was within this milieu that the future leaders of the Enabling Support Foundation learned the basics of telecomputing.  There are two important features of this early background.  The first feature is experience in the application of technology to persons with disabilities and education for mainstream and special needs students.  The second feature is based on the relatively low levels of technology that was available when the World Wide Web had not been invented.

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